Këpucë pune MATT ESD S3 CI SRC


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Lightweight safety shoes with Airtoe® Aluminium toecap and sole made with an ultra light innovative new generation PU compound that significantly reduces the weight of the shoe.

The lightness of this safety shoe allows for greater freedom of movement, greater energy and better performance.

Safety shoes for women and men, with upper in PUTEK® star highly resistant to abrasionwater repellent and breathable. Toe protection with abrasion-resistant scuff cap.

Breathable shoes with no-slipanti-staticoil-resistant and abrasion-resistant sole with innovative ultralight puncture-resistant textile insole, ideal for: craftsmenelectricianscarpenterswarehouse workers, and the logistics and transport sectors.

Comfort and well-being guaranteed by the Wingtex breathable air tunnel lining and the U-Power Original insole in light polyurethane compound soft polyurethane, anatomicalbreathable and antibacterial.

S3 SRC CI ESD protection class safety shoes which offer special protection of the sole from the cold.


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