Këpucë pune BEN ESD S3 CI SRC


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S3 SRC CI ESD protection class water-repellent safety shoes with soft nubuck-effect microfibre.

These low-cut safety shoes, with a lightweight Airtoe® Aluminium toecap, feature a new generation ultra-light PU compound sole that is abrasion-resistantoil-resistantnon-slip and anti-static.

The brand new perforation-resistant system, consisting of a puncture-resistant textile insole, makes this style of safety shoes lighter than traditional models. In fact, the use of highly innovative materials for the construction of the sole and the perforation-resistant system, together with the aluminium toecap have allowed a considerable reduction in the overall weight of work footwear to the benefit of worker’s wellness and performance.

Safety shoes with special protection of the sole from the cold, ideal for: electricianscarpenterscraftsmenwarehouse workers, and the transport and logistics sectors.

Foot comfort and health guaranteed by the U-Power Original insole in lightweight, comfortable and breathable polyurethane compound, and the air tunnel lining that ensures air circulation.

Safety shoes suitable for men and women.


41, 42, 43, 44, 45


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