Company history began in 1999 when Aliu family founded  KËNETA and opened their first retail store in their family home in Ferizaj, which was also the home of the main office. The first store provided different work tools and materials such as bolts, nuts, screws and so on.

At the fastest pace of development, many factors influenced, such as: co-operation with top brands from European countries, the ideal concept of professional store and professional staff knowledge together with customer loyalty.

Immediately after the post-war period, the Këneta company began co-operation with the DeWalt work tool brand,  supplying American and Greek KFOR for several years.

The same time went on in the following years, the company started to do wholesale goods through out the territory of Kosovo. Following the increase in demand, the company opened a new warehouse in Ferizaj in 2002.

At the end of 2003, the company Këneta started cooperation with the brand of professional tools Makita, representing the same throughout the territory of Kosovo. With a maximum dedication the company managed to establish a strong sales network with it.

Over the years, following the growth of customer requirements, the company started co-operation with over 30 European companies, being considered the first company to bring quality to the Kosovo market.

In 2011 the company started its work in the new center with over 4500m2 in Ferizaj.

The opening of the new center was made in 2013, a space of 1500m2 was dedicated to retail and the other space was used as a warehouse of goods.

A new era in the life of the company began with the relocation to the new center. Modernization of space, marketing was of particular importance. So, Këneta has become the target of many European and world brands, where by 2017, the company is introduced in the Kosovo market with over 60 brands.

The company’s ultimate goal is to expand product gama, every time following the concept of the company with which it was created.